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Small Steps First 

When making the mad dash, aka  C H A N G E  towards a healthy lifestyle, life·style (noun) the way in which a person or group lives. “the benefits of a healthy lifestyle” synonyms: way of life, way of living, life, situation, fate, lot we cannot escape the exercise element of healthy living. In our world… Continue reading Small Steps First 

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How to Get Your Appetite Under Control pt 2

In keeping with the theme of the previous post, How to Get Your Appetite Under Control, I wanted to go over some practical how to’s…. “I relied on food more than I relied on God. I craved food more than I craved God. Food was my comfort. Food was my reward. Food was my joy.… Continue reading How to Get Your Appetite Under Control pt 2

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How to Get Your Appetite Under Control

Sometimes our flesh is just like a three-year-old throwing a fit in the middle of A family get together or while grocery shopping. It doesn’t consider the outcome of its behavior, and it doesn’t care why the answer is what it is. It only cares about indulging itself in the moment.As a teenager, I remember… Continue reading How to Get Your Appetite Under Control

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5 at Home Must Have Tools

Many of the women I train work out at home. (And were kind enough to share photos of their workout spaces with us.) They find it less expensive, less stressful and more convenient (not to mention less time-consuming) than driving to the gym.  It’s also pretty nice not to have to share a bench with… Continue reading 5 at Home Must Have Tools

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Finding Your ‘WHY’

Living in Wellness is more than shedding extra pounds. It’s about how you feel about yourself and how you feel inside. It has so much to do with your mental state. Just like abs are made in the kitchen, wellness is made in the mind. I believe that if you start with this one idea… Continue reading Finding Your ‘WHY’

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In the past months we have been enjoying life and with all it’s twist and turns. I lost track of actually writing even though I mentally blogged everyday. I think wordpress needs to add the option of blogging through telepathy! Hey maybe I should work on that….it could a huge money making business. ….what is Life?… Continue reading Life