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How to Get Your Appetite Under Control pt 2

In keeping with the theme of the previous post, How to Get Your Appetite Under Control, I wanted to go over some practical how to’s….

“I relied on food more than I relied on God. I craved food more than I craved God. Food was my comfort. Food was my reward. Food was my joy. Food was what I turned to in times of stress, sadness, and even in times of happiness.”

I came across this quote years ago and it spoke to me because this was such a pattern in my life. Although I have overcome this in strides, like any struggle, it can absolutely rear it’s head. If I am weak spiritually, I notice I succumb to food temptations so easily. I need to be spiritually fed and filled up to find the strength to surrender my appetite to God.

  • Stop, drop and breath…..before you decide to eat and ask yourself if you are really hungry or if you might be feeding your emotions, boredom or stress.
  • Pray….before meals. And not just like how our parents told us to. Ask God to help you eat the right foods in the right amounts and for the discipline to take care of your body (His temple). Use this acronym S.A.F.E (Surrendor Appetite Faithfully Every Day).
  • Set aside….each meal with the mindfulness of what is the right amount you should eat. If you want to indulge in a treat, serve yourself a portion on a plate and then put the rest away. Refrain from eating out of containers , bags, boxes or pans.
  • Practice….eating slowly. Take smaller bites and chew them between ten to twenty times. Try setting your fork down between bites and think of your food as fuel for nourishment rather than conform or reward.
  • Create habits….ahead. Make healthy meals as often as you can. Keep at all times healthy snacks on hand. Do not wait until you are hungry to find food. When starvation is in control I rarely make wise choices.

When we surrender our appetite to God, He makes the difference in stopping the cycle.  Let’s invite Him to the table and our fitness journey so that we can be built in His strength.


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