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From the Waiting Room


My father went in for brain surgery to remove a tumor they found just 4 days ago. Talk about something you really never though would be a reason to be in a waiting room for. So why would I be writing a new post for my blog at the same moment they have started the procedure?

The reason is because of what my dad said after one of the doctors spoke to us all:

“If it was not for my running and eating healthy I would not be in a position of good health to under go surgery.” 

This is coming from a man who about 6 years ago was medically diagnosed diabetic however he has been off all medication for 5 years. He treated his diabetes through eating clean, running and believing God. Add another layer,  he has cirrhosis of the liver which again he has been of medication for about 5 years.  Those two conditions are pretty big issues but he has maintained himself healthy. Within what normal is for him he does have low platelets which did cause a HUGE obstacle when surgery was being presented.  But thank God, the creator of our bodies, that the platelet transfusion worked.

I have not been able to shake of my dad’s comment because there is so much truth in it. Think about it. Had he come to the hospital with poor health who knows what complications they would have run to with anesthesia or plain fact that it is brain surgery. We cannot take our health lightly or that clean eating is just a fad.  Our health is vital and a gift we should care for.

Eating clean and being fit is not for us to be vain but so that we may be well and thriving for ourselves, our families and for the world to see!



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