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Small Steps First 

When making the mad dash, aka  C H A N G E  towards a healthy lifestyle,

life·style (noun)

the way in which a person or group lives. “the benefits of a healthy lifestyle”

synonyms: way of life, way of living, life, situation, fate, lot

we cannot escape the exercise element of healthy living. In our world of today, many of us lead very sedentary lives. We wake up to rush into rush hour, spend most of the day sitting down to only turn right back around in rush hour to arrive home to our coach for a Netflix binge. (yep I know the routine as I have been guilty of it) So, when it comes to exercise, that thought can be overwhelming. Thoughts of marathon training and boot camp style workouts rapidly invade our mind, and many give up before they even start.
As with any journey, it all begins with one step. Think of a baby taking his first steps and falling hard to tears. In that same thought can you recall any grown adult who still only crawls? Of course not, we eventually make the one step turn into walking. Same idea with starting to make the C H A N G E to healthy living.  Many of us can come up with a long list of valid reasons why we cannot exercise; however, we can always make time for what is important to us.
Our bodies were made, designed, created to MOVE. So exercise is just another way we can love, honor, and steward the body that God gave us. When beginning a new exercise routine, remembering your why is going to help get you through those moments when you feline skipping out on a workout.
Let’s be encouraged to keep that vision before us.  Take time to reflect on the following questions so that you can push past excuses  and moving forward so we may strength our minds and body:


1. What is a practical way I can incorporate fitness into my daily life?

2. What are the long term benefits of adding exercise into my life?

3. How will remembering my why help me get motivated to get moving.


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