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In the past months we have been enjoying life and with all it’s twist and turns. I lost track of actually writing even though I mentally blogged everyday. I think wordpress needs to add the option of blogging through telepathy! Hey maybe I should work on that….it could a huge money making business.
….what is Life? Many answers and questions to the simple 4 letter word yet so complicated all at once. So for the moment I will answer this question with the following:
L – loving those around us. There is not one person who does not want love. Loving life and loving people. God gave us love to give and receive. Yes, as we give we should also open our hearts for others to love us.
I – invest in both oneself and those around us. We can find ourselves in the act of giving. It may take work or a step in faith but the reward of investing and giving to those in your life is well worth it.
F – find the best in those around you. Yes, give people the benefit of doubt. We live such guarded lives that it builds all these walls that hinder us. When we can take ourselves and people for good we will rise to that.
E – Enjoy. Take the time to really take in what you do have and not what you do not. Finding contentment is not settling but bringing in an enjoyment of life.
I realize that I did not say anything new then what we read and hear all the time. However maybe in some way it serves as reminder and encouragement that we have a life to live so find the joy in all it’s twist and turns


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