Flip the Box

These past weeks of the new year I’ve felt such a deep wanting to look at what I have with perspective. To see what I have in a way that I’m not seeing.  You know the whole glass full, glass empty concept.  We have areas that my husband and I are believing to see change in. We’ve been in agreement to see improvements to do what is needed. 

However in these good efforts and prayers I noticed that we were saying that what we have is bad. It’s not where we want to be so let’s change it for something better. As I’m learning to be present with what’s in front of me I realized that what we have is good. What we are believing for is right in front of us. It’s there stare us back asking to be seen. 

It’s like the 3D box I would draw just to see it flip. I cannot draw anything but these drawings were my go to “look at what I can do” drawings. To see when a child would look at the box and then suddenly it flipped. Their eyes would go all bright with awe. Just like that I started to stare at what’s in front of me. Things are flipping and answered prayers are there in front of me. 

We need to make improvements, changes and tweaks but with what’s in our hands. No more fixing things with the ideals of what we don’t have. I have placed my drawing in the bathroom so I can be reminded of being present to what is in front of me. God has blessed us and we do not lack anything. Within our blessings, we are growing into better stewards with some bumps but we’re getting over them. 

Take a moment to look for what your looking for in midst of what you do have. Let the box flip in your life. Are you waiting to loose 15 pounds so you can apply for the job you have wanted? Are you waiting to loose weight so you register for a race? Starting applying, start training and you will see that you will gain the confidence you think is in shedding pounds. 

Let’s hold on to God’s vision of us, a vision to prosper. It’s in us so we can flip our boxes to God’s perspective. 


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