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Finding Your ‘WHY’

img_3210Living in Wellness is more than shedding extra pounds. It’s about how you feel about yourself and how you feel inside. It has so much to do with your mental state. Just like abs are made in the kitchen, wellness is made in the mind. I believe that if you start with this one idea it will put you in the right mind set for success.

I love the concept of having a ‘why’ and adopted this way of thinking for myself. For so many years I worked out and crashed diet with the vain desire to be thin. It created a sense of low self esteem, guilt and unhealthy habits. Having a ‘why’ goes beyond unrealistic goals to sustainable long life habits. 

When people approach me for advice on the best way to get started on the healthy lifestyle, they expect me to tell them to cut out all sugar from their diet or to eat their weight in fruit and vegetables. While I do advise eliminating sugar and eating a fair amount of green, leafy vegetables, my first piece of advice is to find the reason ‘why’ you are embarking on this journey.

Ask yourself this:

  • Why do you want to get healthy?
  • Why do you want to be strong?
  •  Why do you want to lose weight?

I think it’s important to know why you are doing what you are doing. My why to become healthy was first to approach midlife strong and healthy so that I could be strong for my family and other women in doing what God has called me to do. There have been more times than I can count when remembering my ‘why’ has given me the strength to push forward on my journey. It’s much easier to say no to a donut, pastries and my old favorite, nachos, because I know that they won’t help me stay true to my ‘why.’

As you begin your own journey, I can’t stress enough the importance of finding your ‘why.’ I promise you that it will help get you through so many challenges along the way. Maybe you want to become healthier because you’d like to be able to run a race, or maybe you want your children to experience what it’s like to have a parent who can play with them. Everyone has a different ‘why.’ Don’t wait until you are sick and have the doctor give you your ‘why.’
I invite you to take a moment and do some soul searching. Find your reason, your why to your better health. It will be different from your friend or family member. Then, start setting some goals to match you why.

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