You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me. 

Then things got inexplicably worse. It was too much. Coming too fast. The perfect storm. 
I don’t know you about you but I can relate to the sense of feeling “it coming”. The rage, the sadness or even the sense of not wanting to deal with anything. Just like Lysa expresses, the question of didn’t I change? Didn’t I pray to not explode. To reign in my emotions. To take a deep breath yet once again I gave into emotional roller coaster.
We have set patterns of behavior or thought patterns. I was encouraged that we can create new reactions from new perspective of who we are in Christ. By renewing our minds we change the “I feel it coming” unglued moments.
Renewing our minds is crucial. New thoughts come from new perspectives.
Where do we get a new perspective of our current situation? Where do we find the perspective to ask the right question like Joshua?
Through the Word of God! By creating new thoughts through the word we can find the right perspective thus finding the way to let go, let God and not freak out.


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