Prayer. Crazy prayers. 

Alex with Chuckie watching Minions. Sunday, May 22, 2016

What can I say about the last 7-8 weeks? Hard. Sad. Hope. Love. Numbing. Faith. 

We all talk about the day as kids we take over and care for a parent. However the idea we picture is not how it goes. For us it’s been unexpected and shocking. Our hearts have hurt yet we’ve seen the hand of God working so that brings a peace despite what men say medically about my dad’s condition. 
As many know my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Glioblastoma at the end of February. He’s had two brain surgeries and some scary set backs but he’s fighting! There’s much to write on this journey we are all taking with him as a family. 
I think the one thing we all would say is how much we love my dad. I do not have one portion of my life that my dad was not involved in, safe to say all my siblings would say the same for them. Did I get along with him every step of the way? No. But every time he was right. Every. Time. 
So as were in this I can say he was right about it. We have to pray, crazy pray becuase this is serious. So what can I say about the last 7-8 weeks? 
Prayer. Crazy prayers. 


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