During my late 20’s I loved gleaning from women who I looked up to as mentors. Why or how we had conversation regarding our bodies I do not know but this one lady in particular made this comment: 
“whatever you want to look like in your mid 40’s to 50’s you need to be at when you turn 40”
She went on to say how it is really hard to workout and loose weight as you get older. This conversation stuck with me, like with super glue in my memory. Shortly after I found myself pregnant with 3 back to back babies. However, in the midst of having babies I still would try to workout as fitness really has been a part of my life since pre-teen years when watching my aunt do her Jane Fonda videos in our living room. Now if you have had any pregnancies you know that your body warps in ways that are just terrible and the pouch becomes real.
I would find myself replaying my mentor’s words and feel like I had to use my next 10 years to reach my goal of being fit at 40. In reality I fluctuated in my weight after my third son for about three years. I would work out, starve myself, diet, loose weight to then gain it back. At about 35-36 I knew it was time to take it seriously. Like real serious as it was looking at only 4 years to be where I wanted to be. I began to lift weights, added more protein and cut out the bad food as I knew I had to do something different. 
This is where I would say my real fitness journey began. I began to understand by experience how our bodies change around mid 30’s. The change is hormonal yet we can face it straight on despite knowing that what worked in our 20’s would not work anymore but there is hope! We can achieve our fitness goals despite age and what are bodies make us think. 
So I workout because…..I am setting what I want to look and feel like in my 40’s plus years. I workout because it not only will keep me physically strong so I can do what God calls me to do but spirit, mind and soul are also being strengthened. My own goals have now become my desire to help other women who are also striving to live healthy. With my Women’s Fitness certification in hand I am creating a program for other women to join me as we face the years of hormonal changes, perimenopause and menopause with muscles and strength.  

Stay tuned for more details if your interested in program for 40+ (mid 30’s) for effective strategies for dealing with hormonally induced weight gain. 


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