Health and Healing

This morning while taking kids to school we were praying for our day. I heard myself thanking God that we can walk in His health and healing.

Fitness and being healthy have a stigma of vanity. However it is so much more then that. The enemy has allowed the focus of being fit to be all about oneself and how do I look. How I look will make who I am in front of people. In reality though being fit is necessary for what God has called us to do.

When we are strong and healthy we can have the energy to pursue daily our purpose. We can have the strength to give of ourselves to others. God died for us to be healthy and whole. We must take care of the gift of our bodies for that reason.
Do not get me wrong. When I train with weights I am wanting some muscle definition because I like to be toned. But my end goal is to be strong so I can live a long life for my husband, kids, family, friends and people that I may be fortunate to encourage.
So today pray with me that we will walk in God’s healing and health!
May we be strong mind, body and soul to do what God created us to do.


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